New Start of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition

Jul 11, 2020

Western China International Expo City
◇  By active using the new economic form, a new model for industrial development of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition has been gradually constructed to release new kinetic energy
◇  The economic and industrial ecosphere of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition emerges quickly and is gradually formed. The high concentration of production factors, high-quality integration of supporting functions, and efficient gathering of high-quality resources is being promoted

   On May 17, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting West China Development in the New Era to Form a New Pattern" that proposes to build an inland multi-level open platform and successfully hold all kinds of national expositions to enhance the influence of the western region.
In recent years, Chengdu was positioned as an international convention and exhibition metropolis. The new development concept leads to the new start of convention and exhibition industry, and development innovation, model innovation and service innovation injects new vitality in and release new kinetic energy of the convention and exhibition industry.

Model Innovation
 Affected by COVID-19, the off-line activity of the 9th Sichuan Tea Expo was postponed and was started on line on April 18th.The tea merchants were connected by means of a mini-program with the consumers using mobile phones; With cooperation with Tik Tok, Sichuan tea farmers and tea enterprises were helped to fully access to Tik Tok platform and improve their online live broadcast marketing capacity. The online tea fair achieved greatly. 720 tea enterprises were placed on line and there were more than 1 million page views. The exhibition + new economy model of "online mini-program + live broadcast + full network coverage" let more people see the great possibility of online enterprise exhibitions, access to the merchants' resources, and product marketing and sales.

 In the new wave of scientific & technological revolution and industrial transformation, Chengdu insists on selecting development of new economic form and cultivation of new kinetic energy to promote the strategic transformation of the city. Chengdu Convention and Exhibition is also in the exploration of the way to make the traditional convention and exhibition industry booming by means of the new economy model?
  On April 30, the two-day first online expo of home decoration materials, furniture and home appliances in Chengdu ended. The new technological means were employed such as online display and live video broadcast, and "online ordering + offline distribution". Within 48 hours, the orders amount to about RMB 98 million.

In addition, the 2020 Chengdu Better Life Exhibition Series named "Exhibition, Make Life Better" will be held on May 29th on line and off line in the new model of "Internet plus". By  the resource application of new technologies, new scenes and new models, the featured products such as gourmet food, wedding, cultural creation, tourism, "made in Chengdu", fashion and travel are integrated and presented on line and off line.
Chengdu Convention and Exhibition in the new economic form has emerged long before. From the document "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of New Economic Form of Convention and Exhibition Industry" issued at the end of last year, we can get a glimpse of the advance layout in Chengdu: based on innovation, enabling and driving the quality improvement and efficiency increase of industrial functional areas; accelerating the close integration and development of convention and exhibition industry with the six major economic forms of digital economy, intelligent economy, green economy, creative economy, flow economy and sharing economy; driving the wide application of artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, LBS, Internet of Things, VR/AR and other scientific and technological means in the exhibitions, and promoting transformation of the exhibition industry to a new economic development model of "aggregative sharing and cross-field integration" by innovating new scenes, new forms and new models of exhibition economy development.

 Undoubtedly, active participation in the new economy has led to the gradual formation of a new model for industrial development of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition and released the new kinetic energy.

Service Innovation
The meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on March 18th emphasized innovating investment promotion and exhibition service models and guaranteeing normal development of various economic and trade activities. On April 13 and April 30, the Ministry of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade respectively issued notices on innovation of exhibition service models, and "innovative exhibition service model" became a hot topic in the industry of convention and exhibition.

Chengdu acted quickly. On May 18, the executive meeting of the Chengdu Municipal Government reviewed and approved the "Guiding Opinions of Chengdu City on Cultivating New Models of Exhibition to Stimulate New Growth of Capacity", from which more information of innovation can be read: supporting enterprises to independently establish  "scene  laboratory of innovative exhibition service models "or lead the establishment, carrying out scene measurement, verifying business models and evaluating market prospects; organizing meeting activities of application scene suppliers and users  to turn application scenes into market opportunities; recommending application scenes of innovative exhibition service models and innovative products to participate in the series release conferences of "constructing scene gathering area and endowing products with additional capacity and value", and etc.

The innovation of policy service in Chengdu is called "real money" innovation by enterprises. "Action Plan of Chengdu City for Coordinating COVID-19 Prevention and Control to Promote Sustainable Development of Convention and Exhibition Economy" clearly states the thought of a special policy for a specific industry, a special policy for specific industry parks and a special policy for specific enterprises for providing "one-to-one" service to convention and exhibition enterprises for the final step of policy implementation. The applicable scope of exhibition funds is moderately expanded to first cover the entire chain of exhibition industry with subsidies. Additionally, Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Fund is set up to increase the financial support for new economic enterprises of convention and exhibition and focus the support on the new economic development of convention and exhibition.

In addition to policy support, there is also human resource support, which is one of the key factors for Chengdu becoming the leading city of convention and exhibition industry in the central and western regions of China for three consecutive years. Chengdu steps steadily and powerfully in innovation of providing human resource service for convention and exhibition.
Last December, the first and only ICCA  International Congress and Convention Research and Training Center was established in Chengdu, which provides intellectual support, talent training and industry development consulting services for the development of congress & convention industry in Asia-Pacific region and even the world.

The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Expo Bureau clearly stated that the next step will enhance operation between universities, local government and enterprises, strengthen the integration of government, enterprises, universities, research institutions and association, and establish a joint talent training mechanism; relying on Chengdu base of the training center of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China International Chamber of Commerce),  ICCA International Congress and Convention Research and Training Center and industry associations of all levels,  international and high-quality exhibition talents for new economy are cultivated; and a cloud service platform for exhibition talents is researched and established  to attract and reserve high-end talents, and provide solid human resource support for the development of exhibition industry in the city.

 Development Innovation
Industrial development is the lifeline of urban economy. Chengdu is accelerating the construction of an industrial ecosystem with global competitive advantage by changing its development concept and aiming at the frontier and high-end fields.
As one of the 14 industrial ecosystems in Chengdu, the industrial ecosystem of convention and exhibition economy has formed a sustainably growing multi-dimensional ecological system with self-adjustment, effective resource gathering, scientific and technological talents interaction and enterprise core competitiveness based on  its own supporting facilities, production service supporting facilities, supporting living facilities and infrastructure supporting facilities. The industrial and ecological space layout of coordination and differential interaction between five areas of Tianfu Headquarter Business Area, Tianfu Olympic Sports Park, Anren China Cultural Fair Area, Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park and Libing Creative Cultural Tourism Area has been formed.

In April, Chengdu integrated global innovation resources and production capacity, and cooperated with leading enterprises, research teams and industry associations inside and outside the industry to form Chengdu Convention & Exhibition Industry Ecosphere Alliance for creating a platform of  government, enterprises, universities, research institutions, application and financing. In August, the blue book on strategic planning and development of the convention and exhibition industry ecosystem will be finalized.

At the same time, Chengdu has built several international convention and exhibition industry cooperation platforms, and successively issued the Chengdu Action Plan for Sino-European Convention and Exhibition Industry Cooperation (2020-2025), etc., encouraging all functional areas to actively plan international cooperation projects based on the development of leading industries, creating more the international brands of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition, and integrating resources in the world.

On May 15, Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality jointly promoted the construction of Double-City Economic Circle in Chengdu and Chongqing and held a conference in Chongqing on the coordinated development of Sichuan-Chongqing trade promotion system. Based on the regional cooperation between Chengdu and Chongqing, Chengdu Expo Bureau actively promotes the transformation of strategic requirements into strategic actions, establishes a cooperation mechanism, strengthens the connection of development ideas, major project layout, major policy formulation and special planning between the two regions, carefully plans a number of leading, driving and iconic exhibition projects, holds international large-scale Expos, and creates more cross-regional implementation carriers of national strategies.

Furthermore, Chengdu has taken use of the leading and radiation functions of  convention and exhibition, actively set up a platform for regional coordinated development, and established three mechanisms of uniform development trade promotion liaison meeting, work coordination and resource sharing with Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang, which provided a solid guarantee for promoting the uniform development of Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang as a same city and comprehensively deepening the work in trade promotion, convention and exhibition.

The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Expo Bureau said, "The economic and industrial ecosphere of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition has emerged quickly and is being gradually shaped. The high concentration of production factors, high-quality integration of supporting functions, and efficient gathering of high-quality resources is being promoted so as to improve the development capacity and level of convention and exhibition industry as a whole. 


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