Boosting the Confidence of Convention and Exhibition Industry with "Real Money", Resuming Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Jul 11, 2020

Chengdu, March 21 (People's Daily, Reporter Song Haoxin) — Affected by COVID-19, the global convention and exhibition industry with dense people flow, material flow and fund flow has been suspended. At present, the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is improving positively, and work resumption is taking place gradually cross China. How can the convention and exhibition industry, which has always been known as the economic vane, be resumed?
Chengdu, which ranks fourth in China for three consecutive years in terms of exhibition competitiveness, issued "Action Plan for Coordinating COVID-19 Prevention and Control to Promote Sustainable Development of Convention and Exhibition Economy" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan") on March 9, providing "real money" support and taking multiple measures simultaneously to relieve difficulties of enterprises and support enterprises to resume work. A great deal of benefits is being delivered to enterprises as quickly as possible.
"Real money" support, whole chain innovation, subsidy proportion rise to 50%
The "Action Plan" issued by Chengdu Expo Bureau makes it clear that the coverage of subsidy targets will be expanded, including not only the organizers of the convention and exhibition projects, but also the whole chain of convention and exhibition industries such as major venue operators, convention and exhibition service enterprises, industry associations and industrial parks.
According to the Action Plan, on the basis of basic subsidies, the projects are supported by a certain proportion. For exhibition projects held more than once a year or held in more than one place that have been publicized on the website of Chengdu Expo Bureau and included in the "Reserve Pool of Projects Supported by Special Fund for Convention and Exhibition Industry Development", if cancelled due to COVID-19, it is encouraged to integrate such cancelled project resources and hold them in Chengdu in 2020 after the epidemic situation ends. For such exhibition projects held in Chengdu in 2020, in addition to the basic subsidy given according to the exhibition subsidy standard of "Implementation Rules of Chengdu for Special Fund Management for Convention and Exhibition Industry Development (Trial)", a floated subsidy of 50% based on such basic subsidy will be given, and the increased amount for a single project does not exceed RMB 1 million. For the projects postponed until after the epidemic and held in 2020, a floated subsidy of 40% based on the basic subsidy given according to the exhibition subsidy standard will be given  and the maximum floating amount for a single project will not exceed RMB 1 million.
Additionally, the Action Plan focuses on the future, encourages enterprises to employ innovative models and supports intelligent exhibition projects, including encouraging online Expo projects in Chengdu during the epidemic period by giving a one-time subsidy up to RMB 200,000; For enterprises holding large-scale on-line and off-line international expositions in Chengdu, which minimum 30% of the actual investment is used for the online exhibition, a subsidy based on  30% of the actual investment with the maximum subsidy amount not more than RMB 2 million will be given for the online exhibition. For the venue operators who actively promote construction of intelligent exhibition halls, a subsidy up to RMB 1 million/year will be given for three consecutive years.  
Since release of the Action Plan, enterprises have successively innovated the exhibition service models, boosting the progress of intelligent exhibition construction, and improving capacity by scientific and technological means. On March 19th, Chengdu New East Exhibition Co., Ltd. reached the first round of strategic cooperation with dominant Internet technology enterprises, leading Internet media and well-known MCN institutions, and started the construction of the first on-line & off-line intelligent exhibition platform, "IES Intelligent Convention & Exhibition Platform" in Chengdu.  The platform will take the integrated solution of on-line Expo informatization service, innovative E-marketing chain of on-line Expo and the innovative on-line & off-line application scenes as the core, focus on the innovative business model of "Internet plus Convention & Exhibition", be driven by new information technologies, cultivate a new intelligent exhibition business form of on-line and off-line interaction, and accelerate the digitalization of the real economy. According to the presentation of Chengdu New East Exhibition, the IES Intelligent Convention & Exhibition Platform will first launch the "Exhibition Star Anchoring Competition" at the end of March, and the 21st Chengdu International Furniture Expo and the 8th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo will be the first application scene of the platform.
Practicably providing "one-to-one" service for the final step of policy implementation and resuming the exhibition industry”
The reporter noted that the Action Plan issued by Chengdu is not named a policy, measures, opinions, a method or a guideline, but directly named an Action Plan. "Mainly considering policies, measures, opinions and methods are principled, but not so operable, and their approval formalities are relatively slow." The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Expo Bureau explained, "We want to solve the urgent needs of enterprises and the problem that enterprises do not know how to do the final step for enjoying the policy as fast as possible."

”It is understood that the "Action Plan" clearly states the thought of a special policy for a specific industry, a special policy for specific industry parks and a special policy for specific enterprises, achievement of professionalization, meticulousness and preciseness, organization of special service teams, and appointment of service officers, for providing "one-to-one" service to the convention and exhibition enterprises in COVID-19 prevention and control, financial subsidies, fiscal and taxation support, financing services, skill training, service efficiency and boosting confidence, and guiding and supporting exhibition enterprises to enhance confidence, stimulate vitality and jointly overcome difficulties, so that the enterprises may resume work and production safely and orderly to steady and full production. At present, the work resumption rate of exhibition enterprises exceeds 50%. Expositions such as 2020 Tianfu Automobile Culture Festival, Chengdu World Cosplay Expo, the 17th Chengdu (Summer) International Famous Brand Clothing Expo and the 9th Sichuan International Tea Expo will be held gradually from late April, and the exhibition industry will be officially resumed. The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Expo Bureau said, "We sort out the matters consulted about the Action Plan every day, record and guide the enterprise consultation, and make the service well."
In order to cope with the increase of exhibition activities after the epidemic, Chengdu Expo Bureau, based on the idea of "one game of chess" in the whole city, actively guided exhibition venues and conference hotels to rationally schedule the conference and exhibition agenda in the second quarter and the second half of the year, so as to make reserve of time for later business expansion; Furthermore, based on different exhibition types, the coordination and cooperation of and between public security, traffic control, transportation, urban management, intellectual property rights, market supervision, communications, medical care, energy and other departments are strengthened to formulate personalized exhibition administration service plans, and provide "one-to-one" service to ensure the safe and orderly holding of conventions and exhibitions.  


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