Aug 2, 2020

Karolina Blaszkiewicz Offers Program that Shows Women How to Get the Man They Want

August 03, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Karolina Blaszkiewicz, a feminine confidence and love coach, energy and sexual healer, and spiritual teacher based in Tallinn, Estonia, announces her program for women designed to help them get the man they want, not the man they usually get, without compromising who they are. The program is made up of healing sessions where the participants release the old stories about men, love, relationships, and themselves. During these sessions, Karolina Blaszkiewicz teaches practical and spiritual tools that allow women to step into higher vibrations to open up new possibilities. More about this program can be gleaned from Karolina Blaszkiewicz says, “My name is Karolina Blaszkiewicz, and I help women to transform their lives and relationships. Today, I'd like to offer you an opportunity to join a select group of women who are committed to reaffirming their right to be full of passion, happy, and fulfilled in life with a loving, trustworthy man by their side.” She continues, “My goal with this course is to help more women more quickly. I don't want to make the price an obstacle. I've spent thousands of dollars and hours studying, traveling, and learning from inspiring teachers, reading, doing courses, and working with women from all over the world. The techniques and insights I'll be sharing with you during this course are virtually priceless. In truth, you can't put a price on happiness.” She points out that the program is for various kinds of women. These include: single women who desire to attract the man they really want and not just the man they usually get; women who desire to enhance and grow their relationship; open-minded women who desire to make use of their feminine energy and get to experience more flow in their daily lives; women who desire to feel more attractive, feminine and confident, both sexually and intellectually; women who desire to love and trust themselves sufficiently to become open to falling in love once more; and women who realize that they need to invest in themselves in order to heal, grow, transform, and thrive again. Meanwhile, in a new blog post at, Karolina Blaszkiewicz gives advice to women who are struggling to find love because they are unknowingly sabotaging their relationship during the dating phase by pushing people away. She points out that some women do that because they feel as if they’re not worth the other person’s time or they’re not good enough for the other person. This indicates low self-worth and low self-esteem, which may have been the result of other mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Karolina Blaszkiewicz points that this low self-worth or self-esteem may result in women feeling scared of opening up to another person. During dating, they may try to find flaws in the other person when the relationship appears to be developing into something more serious. Some may be afraid of commitment because of the possibility of being stuck in a wrong relationship. Some may even be afraid of intimacy and or they are simply afraid of falling in love again. She advises women who tend to push people away to ask themselves if they are really ready for a relationship. If they discover that the answer to the question is in the negative, it is time for them to get healed and reflect on what they really want from life. Such is the purpose of the program being offered by Karolina Blaszkiewicz. It is designed to help women become ready to live their life as a confident and free woman, who truly deserves a lot of love and abundance. Those who have tried the program have mostly positive things to say about it. For instance, Adele K. says, “I have been working with Karolina for a few months and every single time she has been able to help me pinpoint blocks that I wasn’t aware of. She helped me to clear many blocks that were holding me back in my life. My life is so much better now. I am truly grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend working with her.” Those who would like to learn more about the program may want to watch the video at, or contact Karolina Blaszkiewicz through her website, through the phone, or through email. ###For more information about Karolina Blaszkiewicz, contact the company here:Karolina BlaszkiewiczKarolina Blaszkiewicz+386 41 620 255love@karolinab.comAhtri tn 12, Kesklinna linnaosaHarju maakond, 10151 Tallinn, EstoniaReleaseID: 60037348

Aug 2, 2020

Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen awarded Best Healthy & Tasty Award by Foodies Magazine of New England

August 03, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Well-known restaurant Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen of Sedona Arizona was recently written about and featured by Foodie Magazine of New England and were given the title of “Best Healthy and Tasty Thai Award .” Owner and Chef Pearl Pardee said that the whole team was very pleased to be honored in this way. “No one starts a restaurant so they can be in the media,” Ms. Pardee said. ”But it is gratifying to already be recognized for our efforts to bring excellent, fresh and healthy food to everyone,” she added. The restaurant opened this year and people from all over the world have come enjoy their offerings. Many people have reviewed their experiences at the restaurant online on their website and diners were very positive about the food and their experiences. Even during the current COVID-19 crisis, Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen offers its fresh, and mostly organic food when possible for take-out as well as dine-in. Visitors coming into Sedona will even find that this restaurant is very easy to get to as it is right across the street from the Whole Foods Market. The Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen Menu includes many different original Thai style dishes created by chef Pearl Pardee, also owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant for the last 29 years in Sedona. “Whether it’s our variation on Thai Street Tacos or a variation of the traditional Pad Thai dish – there is something for everyone,” said Chef Pardee. Kelly Stephens has been going to Chef Pardee’s restaurant for about ten years, she said. “Rest assured that FN Thai Kitchen can offer food at a spice level that is asked for – everything from very, very mild to super-hot. But be aware that ordering ‘very hot,’ means it will be very hot by Thai standards, and it will wake up your palate completely.” The meat used in their offerings is organic whenver possible and generally grass fed. One of the most popular meals is the Madras Curry made with stir fried vegetables and rice noodles with mixed veggies and curry powder in a garlic sauce. Madras is a favorite southern Thai dish. Another very popular restaurant favorite is the lemongrass garlic chicken, which consists of stir-fried chicken thighs marinated with lemongrass, garlic & Thai herbs. It is served with fresh mixed greens & a side of steamed carrots and broccoli. Moira Kyan said that she has been a fan of the restaurant since the week it opened. “Thai food is one of the healthiest, most interesting cuisines in the world. Even for those who have never tried it, the ingredients are familiar, for example, there are noodles and vegetables, and there’s no doubt that the food is very good for your health.” Ms. Kyan also said, “I’m not surprised there was a magazine from elsewhere in the country writing about Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen. They’re one of Sedona’s best kept secrets.” Not surprisingly, there are vegan options available. Owner and chef Pearl Pardee makes healthier Thai food than the usual fare, because she makes efforts to merge the principles of macrobiotic cooking with traditional Thai cuisine. Even with the somewhat truncated menu available due to COVID-19, there is still a variety to choose from and all dishes at the restaurant are less than $15 per entrée, making it a very affordable place to dine. More than 65 diners have reviewed this restaurant on Google and the average rating puts it at 4.4 out of 5 which is something that most restaurants will never reach. Chef Pardee’s creations at Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen are balanced and are based on her long admired macrobiotic and organic cooking style over the last 25 years as owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant. To find out more About FN Thai Kitchen, simply read the article in Foodies of New England or see their website at It is possible to order from them online and pick it up. Customers can reach them by phone at (928) 862-4499. The company can also be emailed at ###For more information about Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen, contact the company here:Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchenpearl pardee(928) 862-4499info@freshthaikitchen.com1439 W. State Rte 89aSedona, Az 86336ReleaseID: 60037271

Aug 2, 2020

Elative Solutions’ Completely Rebranded Digital Marketing Agency Website Is Finally Online

August 03, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Elative Solutions OÜ, a digital marketing agency based in Tallinn, Estonia, has announced that their completely rebranded website is finally online. They offer three major services: all in one marketing program - Elevate Marketing Program; marketing strategy & lead generation; and website & marketing audits. They are focused on helping renewable businesses and sustainable brands establish scalable growth through copywriting, content creation, and digital marketing. They specialize in driving traffic to websites and then optimizing the conversion rates. More about the company can be gleaned from their LinkedIn page at Matey E, founder and CEO of Elative Solutions OÜ, says, “From innovative green tech companies dedicated to eliminating pollution to educational initiatives about taking care of our environment, it’s our mission to provide marketing and growth-hacking solutions for businesses in the sustainability market.” He continues, “We focus on the essential solutions that will create the most significant growth in the shortest amount of time possible, always keeping your specific needs and goals in mind. We want to help make the world a better place because we believe that everyone deserves to live an extraordinary life.” The Elevate Marketing Program is designed to optimize the client company’s marketing potential, expand the reach of the business, and convert strangers into advocates for the client’s brand and business. In this program, everything that they do is totally focused on ROI- increasing activities designed to create engagement, leads, visibility, and sales. In other words, they do what the marketing teams of the client should be doing but don’t have the time to do. In the Elevate Marketing Program, the team from Elative Solutions will: optimize the client’s best performing offers and promotions and help the client launch marketing campaigns that hit revenue targets; help the client maximize email marketing returns with 30 and 90-day promotional calendars designed to increase lifetime customer value; and make the client’s retargeting campaigns more cost-effective with interest-based behavioral triggers on their website and social media channels. They will also evaluate and optimize the client’s customer journey, plug leaks that impede conversion, and identify any easy opportunities for increasing the client’s marketing ROI. Next, they will establish a sustainable growth plan that is focused on converting as many customers as possible into the best marketing asset that a company can ever have. These are advocates and fans that actively promote the business. They will also help the client scale up their reach, attract more leads, garner more sales, and establish a movement. Furthermore, they will tailor fit the Elevate Marketing Program to the client’s specific needs and goals. For their digital marketing strategy and lead generation service, they have three guiding principles for optimizing marketing results. These are: the optimization of return on investment through data-driven optimization; establishing robust marketing foundations and scaling growth sustainably; and promoting innovation through experimentation and iterative testing. They provide four kinds of lead generation services. These are: putting the client’s message in front of the business’ ideal audience through social advertising; getting found first by ideal prospects through SEO and advertising; activation or reactivation of the client’s subscriber base through ROI-increasing email marketing techniques; and demonstrating the client’s authority through content creation. For the first type of lead generation, they offer Messenger bot marketing and Facebook & Instagram marketing. For the second type of lead generation, they offer lead generation strategies for press releases, Google My Business, YouTube marketing, paid search, and full-spectrum SEO. For the third type, they offer: an onboarding and promotional series; transactional and relational emails; and abandoned cart and re-activation campaigns. For the fourth type, they offer white papers, guides, video scripts, and infographics. And finally, their service for website and marketing audits can determine if the client’s website is really effective or is actually sending potential buyers away within seconds. Those who are interested in the digital marketing services offered by Elative Solutions OÜ may want to check out their website at, or contact them on the telephone or through email. ###For more information about Elative Solutions OÜ, contact the company here:Elative Solutions OÜMatey E+386 51 620 255team@elative.ioAhtri tn 12, Kesklinna linnaosaHarju maakond, 10151 Tallinn, EstoniaReleaseID: 60037349

Aug 2, 2020

AIMM Launches Life Sessions Online

August 03, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Duluth, Georgia based The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) is pleased to announce that, starting from the 11th of August, the institute will be hosting an online interactive workshop series for musicians and producers. These virtual sessions are based entirely on commonly asked music questions, and will cover topics like vocal processing and effects, synthesizing custom 808s, expanding the vocal range, how to solo faster on guitar and more. They present an opportunity for aspiring music producers to beef up their music skills and learn all the best industry secrets. During the interactive workshop series, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn hands-on techniques used by famous musicians and producers. The Institute provides non-beginning instrument students and recording arts students with the kind of environment they need to develop their musical talents and acquire the skills demanded of today’s professionals in the music industry. “The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media strives to excel in contemporary music and media arts education with its primary focus being a positive, fulfilling, and rewarding student experience,” says AIMM. “AIMM continues to set the industry standard by providing the technical and applied learning skills needed to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare them for successful careers. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media’s curriculum accomplishes its mission through class and private instruction; audio, video and computer lab instruction; and live clinics featuring today’s most well-known and informative artists and music industry professionals.” The institute’s programs are taught by professionals with years of experience in the industry and all the certifications and degrees needed to teach the highly demanding curriculum offered at AIMM. At the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, they believe that music is the universal language—and so the institute welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. “Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has a uniquely effective approach to vocational training for musicians, audio production and recording engineering,” the music school says. “Utilizing a well-rounded curriculum of classroom instruction, stage performances, computer labs, recording studios and live clinics, AIMM offers an extensive education that no other Accredited Music College can match. AIMM also offers the opportunity to become Pro Tools Certified. If you have a passion for music and/or media, Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is the place for you. At AIMM, you truly learn from both sides of the studio.” Atlanta is known for its diverse music scene, which offers many opportunities for the up and coming artist, and AIMM occupies a cherished place at its center. The city is home to some of the most creative, successful and influential artists of the past 50 years, including OutKast, Ludacris, R.E.M and more. The city offers aspiring musicians access to record labels, renowned recording studios, world class venues and much more. A number of students and teachers from AIMM have had excellent experiences at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and many of them have left great reviews online. One review from Mason on Google Maps says, “I've been working at the best music college in Atlanta for three years now, and I absolutely love everything about this Music and Media college. They have taught me more than I could ever research on my own, and have been a blessing in my life. If you're looking for the best music school in the country, then you need to give Atlanta Institute of Music and Media a shot first. The classrooms have all the up to date equipment for their students and all the newest software for learning.” Another review of the music institute from Evan, who attended AIMM as a student, says, “If you live near the Atlanta area, this school is the best place you can go to. In my experience attending AIMM, the teachers have been amazing, and the other students have been the nicest people and have helped me a lot to progress in learning music skills.” Find out more about the AIMMLife Sessions at their website and other online resources. ###For more information about Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, contact the company here:Atlanta Institute of Music and MediaNite Driscoll(770) 242-7717admissions@aimm.edu2875 Breckinridge Blvd #700, Duluth, Georgia 30096ReleaseID: 60037300

Aug 2, 2020

NetworkNewsBreaks – Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) Announces Q2 2020 Results, to Host August 5 Webcast

Energy Fuels (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR), on Friday reported its financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2020. In addition, the company announced that it will host a webcast at 11:00 am ET (9:00 am MT) on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to review these results. Interested parties may join the webcast by dialing […]

Aug 2, 2020

Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI)’s TumorGenesis Presents at Precision in Drug Discovery & Preclinical Virtual Summit

TumorGenesis president Richard Gabriel selected to feature as keynote presenter at inaugural Drug Discovery & Preclinical Virtual Summit The summit features over 150 delegates from across bio-pharmaceutical industry coming together to market sector’s latest breakthroughs TumorGenesis, which specializes in creating laboratory-grown cancer cells directed towards ovarian cancer research, recently announced its first sale of cancer […]

Aug 2, 2020

NetworkNewsBreaks – Exro Technologies Inc. (CSE: XRO) (OTCQB: EXROF) to Present to Global Investors at August 3-6 Virtual Conference

Exro Technologies (CSE: XRO) (OTCQB: EXROF), a leading technology company that has developed a new class of power electronics for powertrains, is among 49 SmallCap, MicroCap and NanoCap public companies that will present to a global investor audience at the SNN Network Virtual Conference on August 3-6, 2020. A keynote presentation by world-renowned investor and bestseller […]

Aug 2, 2020

Hull East Yorkshire Print Shop Launch State of the Art Van Wrapping Service

This machine has a curing process inside the printer meaning that all prints will always come out dry. This impressive feature means To Do Designs can provide a quick turnover for all services required.

Aug 2, 2020

Tts 2020 Virtual Congress: Leading Global Experts Convene Online In A Transformative Meeting

The Transplantation Society (TTS) will host its first-ever Virtual Congress from September 13-16. The TTS 2020 Congress will present the latest science and education in the field of transplantation.MONTREAL - Aug. 3, 2020 - PRLog -- The Transplantation Society (TTS) will host its first-ever Virtual Congress from September 13-16. The TTS 2020 Congress will present the latest science and education in the field of transplantation. More than 3,000 scientists, researchers and physicians representing over 130 countries will attend from their homes and workspaces globally. Presentations will cover basic, translational and clinical research, ethics, and emerging and disruptive technologies."With so many congresses having been cancelled or significantly reduced this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, TTS 2020 will provide an exceptional opportunity to learn the most up-to-date science and clinical practices," said TTS President Prof. Mehmet Haberal. "We are confident that the TTS 2020 Congress will be a rewarding and unforgettable experience for all participants attending from around the world as we have tailored the program so that all attendees, regardless of their geographic location, to be able to participate at reasonable times of the day as well as ample opportunities to network face-to-face. To increase attendance we have waived the registration fee for trainees, fellows, nurses/allied health professionals as well as offered a significant discount for participants from emerging economy nations."TTS 2020 received more than 1,000 scientific abstracts, which will be presented as either online posters or oral communications. Select poster presenters have the option to add a video recording to their poster to help explain their research. Abstracts cover the most important transplantation scientific topics in Anesthesia Management and Critical Care, Basic and Translational Sciences, Cellular and Regenerative Therapies, Donation & Procurement, Education, Ethics, Community and Economics, Histocompatibility, Histopathology, Infectious Disease, Intestine and Multivisceral Transplantation, Kidney, Liver, Paediatrics, Pancreas & Islet, Registries, Sex and Gender, Surgical Techniques, Thoracic (Heart & Lung), Transplant Immunosuppression, Transplantation in Developing Countries, Transplantation Nursing, Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation, Xenotransplantation. Full abstracts can be viewed in our online program at"We are very excited to connect clinicians, scientists and researchers from around the world with an interest in transplantation as part of this Virtual Congress," said Prof. Nancy Ascher and Prof. Philip O'Connell (TTS 2020 Scientific Program Chairs). "The TTS 2020 Congress has always featured scientific advances to improve the lives of patients worldwide however we were cognizant that a significant amount of participants attend congresses to network. Unfortunately, at a virtual event it's hard for this to just happen naturally so we are offering many Zoom-powered virtual networking rooms to integrate community-building moments. We currently have a call out for additional networking proposal ideas from the transplant community."Originally scheduled to take place in Seoul, Korea, TTS canceled the in-person Congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure continuity of education, ease and equal access to research, and to continue to further advance the field, the TTS President and Congress Congress Chair Prof. Mehmet Haberal along with Congress Vice-Chair Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh and Scientific Program Chairs Prof. Nancy Ascher and Prof. Philip O'Connell worked closely to change to a Virtual Congress, to virtually bring together the international transplant professional community. The Virtual Congress will also include an industry corner for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies as well as partner organizations, and will feature supported symposia the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in the field.The TTS 2020  program is available at Learn more and register at NOTE: For assistance setting up interviews with TTS Experts, contact Jean-Pierre Mongeau at For general information about the TTS 2020 Virtual Congress, including the press room, visit # #About the TTSEstablished in 1966, The Transplantation Society serves as the principal international forum for the advancement and development of both the science and clinical practice of transplantation throughout the world. Its mandate is fulfilled through scientific communication, continuing education of its membership and guidance on the ethical practice of transplantation. The Transplantation Society is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in official relations with the World Health Organization, and is composed of over 6500 professionals including but not limited to, physicians, surgeons, scientists and allied health professionals in 105 countries. TTS is one of two parent organizations of the Declaration of Istanbul, the other being the International Society of Nephrology. In addition, TTS has nine Sections specializing in various areas of transplantation: cell and regenerative medicine, Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA), pancreas and islet transplant, pediatric, organ donation and procurement, intestinal rehabilitation and transplant, xenotransplantation, pediatric liver transplantation, and transplant infectious disease. TTS also partners with 35 national and regional transplant societies to bring the science and clinical practice of transplantation around the world. Visit TTS online at www.tts.orgContactJean-Pierre MongeauExecutive Directorjp.mongeau@tts.orgPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story - Tts 2020 Virtual Congress: Leading Global Experts Convene Online In A Transformative Meeting | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

Aug 2, 2020

Albek de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Hand Sanitizers Due to Potential Presence of Undeclared Methanol

SAN JUAN del RIO QUERETARO, Mexico, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ALBEK de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is voluntarily recalling all lots and all brands of hand sanitizer currently in US distribution to the consumer level. The products were manufactured between November 7, 2019 and June 28, 2020. This recall is being initiated out of an abundance of caution due to detection of methanol in hand sanitizer samples manufactured by Albek when product was presented for import into the United States. Continue Reading ALBEK de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is voluntarily recalling all lots and all brands of hand sanitizer currently in US distribution to the consumer level. Risk Statement: Substantial methanol exposure could result in serious health effects (including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, nervous system damage) or death. Persons using methanol-based products on their hands may be at risk. Young children who accidently ingest them and adolescents and adults who drink such products are most at risk for methanol poisoning. To date, there have been no reports of serious adverse events related to the products in the scope of this recall. Recalled Products: The products are labeled for use as a hand sanitizer (or "antiseptic") and are packaged for several nationwide distributors in a variety of formats as indicated in the table as follows: BRANDS: Nuuxsan Modesa Assured Assured Next Product Name Nuuxsan Instant Hand Sanitizer Modesa Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers and Aloe Vera Assured Hand Sanitizer Vitamin E and Aloe Assured Hand Sanitizer Aloe Vera Next Hand Sanitizer   NDC   72758-005-02 72758-001-08     72758-011-23   72758-010-23   72758-009-23   50066-605-08   Sizes     8 fl oz   8 fl oz   8 fl oz   8 fl oz   8 fl oz   UPC     713620000175   32251380426   639277928597   639277928610   650240053573   Affected Lots     All Lot #s   1931104AL   1931101AL   1931102AL The affected lots end in:   1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 These products were distributed nationwide in the United States beginning on November 15, 2019. Albek is partnering with its distributors, who will help notify their customers by phone calls, emails, and/or mailed letters and is arranging for return of all recalled products. Consumers, distributors, and retailers that have product which is being recalled should stop use or distribution and return to place of purchase. Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Albek de Mexico S.A. de C.V. during the business hours business hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (CT) Telephone:  52 1 427 101 8200 ext. 102  Email: [email protected] Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to using these products. Adverse reactions from use of this product may be reported to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail or by fax. Complete and submit the report Online: Regular Mail or Fax: Download form or call 1-800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete and return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1-800-FDA-0178 This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Media Contact Name:  Manuel Beltrán M.   52 1 427 101 8200 ext. 102 SOURCE Albek de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

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